The FCS (Filipino Combat Systems) was founded by Tuhon Ray Dionaldo after over 30 years of training and research in the filipino martial arts. Tuhon Ray has a long list of merits in many different styles of martial arts and also as a martial arts competitor.


The goal of the FCS as an organization is to promot and preservation all the  filipino martial arts. The FCS is more to be regarded as a FAMILY than an organization. It puts a lot more weight on friendship and respect for others, than on politics. 


The "S" in FCS stands for "Systems", to show that it is not to be regarded as ONE system. It incorporates many different systems and is the result of what Ray has learned from many different instructors and FMA styles.


Styles that have influenced the FCS is:

Sayoc Kali, Pekiti Tirsia Kali, and Modern Arnis. It also includes concepts from Pambuan Arnis and Balintawak Eskrima.  

Disciplines taught include:  Kerambit, Single Stick, , Knife, Espada y Daga, Tactical Baton,  Sarong, Whip, Silat, Sikaran, Dumog and more in any combination.









FCS Curriculum 

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You can download a pdf version of the curriculum HERE.

(Note: the one at the is the one that is always updated version)



About Tuhon Ray

By following the link above you get to the homepage of the FCS. Go to "about Guro Ray" to get more info on Tuhon Ray.