The TW Kali (Tribal Warriors Kali) is the brainchild of Joern Johannessen and is a compilation of his experiences in different Filipino Martial Arts. It is not a "style" or "system" in itself. The basis for the TW Kali is to give a student a good understanding of different aspects of FMA that you find in the different FMA styles. It is also NOT a part the FCS, but more a private subsystem put together by Joern Johannessen.


The main technical influences of the TW Kali are: Modern Arnis, Inayan Escrima, Kali Sikaran, FCS Kali and more. And Joern's own thoughts and ideas regarding FMA are of course incorporated in the TW Kali.


Joern would like to give respects to ALL the instructors and students of the FMA that has given him some of their knowledge and inspired his training. High regards go to Johan Skaalberg, Jeff Espinous, Mike Inay and Ray Dionaldo.


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TW Kali basic outline of the gradings system can be found here


NOTE: There are no regulations regarding "time" between the levels.. When you are good enough, you`re good enough..





TW Kali Curriculum Level 1-6 as pdf file



TW Kali junior pensum

(pdf fil format)