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Filipino Combat Systems in Norway


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On this page we will put some information about the different tribes/schools in Norway where you can practice FCS Kali, or where you may find members of the FCS Kali. 


If anyone wishes to start a tribe anywhere in Norway, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to help you.


FCS does NOT have to be the MAIN system or martial art in a school, but may be just a subsystem that you can learn or teach. FCS and the Filipino Martial Art can be a very good additions to anyones martial arts training when it comes to selfdefence, or just to have something different to practice.


Generally the FCS seminars conducted in Norway is open to students and instructors of ALL martial arts (and of course those that have never tried any martial arts at all) in Norway. So if you want a "tast" of the FCS Kali, try to join a seminar listed on the seminar page, or contact us to have a seminar in your school.  








Ørsta Kampsport Klubb »

Follow the link to get more info about the tribe in Ørsta. This is the main tribe of the FCS in Norway.


Or contact Joern Johannessen directly on e-mail: jo-joh2@online.no or phone number: +4790651860





FCS Drammen »

(The link shows the location)


Drammen kampsportsenter, Nedre Eiker vei 37, 3045 Drammen


Contact Jarne Byhre by e-mail: jarne.byhre@mac.com or phone number: +4791194082 

for schedule.



FCS Haugesund »




Hours: Tuesdays and Fridays

17.00 - 19.00.


Contact info:

Jone Chi Yung Hou

e-mail: h_jone@hotmail.com

Cell: +4790877573


Marte Dragnes

e-mail: marteogsebastian@yahoo.no

Cell: +4795812247


You can also find them on facebook, and on their homepage.




FCS Trondheim »

For info contact

Mats Berglund

e-mail: matshberglund@gmail.com

Cell: +4745661330